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How Would You Like To Grow Online?

Genysys Engine gives businesses Worry Free Websites. There are two ways to grow your business online:

Create A Website

Create and grow a Worry Free Website with NI's Guided Website Platform. Our monthly website packages include everything you need to create and grow a website for your small business in Northern Ireland.

Audit My Website

Audit your website and connected assets to increase your performance and ROI. Our Deep learning Models give you precision, accuracy, predictions and great results!

Northern Ireland's Guided Website Platform

We Remove the Time, Cost and Expertise Required

Our team knows the struggles small businesses have to deal with when trying to grow their business online. It takes too much time, the cost is too high and they are often worried that something will break if they update their website! The truth is the website industry is biased towards those with resources and those without, making it nearly impossible for small businesses to compete online! We said NO to this, and spent 3 years creating a new system to replace the 3 core issues, time, cost and expertise.

About Us

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About The Platform

We created our Guided Website Platform powered by an AI Neural Network. The concept is simple, you do not want to build or manage a website - we do! We do not know about your business and industry - but you do! We give you a personalised dashboard to enter all the information and data you would like to about your business, we guide you through this process to ensure consistency across information, usefulness and branding. Once you are happy, hit "build my website" and we will get to work turning the data it into a high converting website - that we continue to grow for you! Due to our AI Neural Network we can do this is 96% less time, passing the resource savings back on to you!

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A GOOD Website Has GREAT User Experience!

A good website is directly correlated with your target markets experience using your website. User Experience is an umbrella term that covers four key area's. Covering the 4 areas will help you build your brand, rank on the first page of Google, convert more sales, gain more returning customers and more website referrals.

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Website Design & Development Services

Genysys Engine offer custom website design and development services to create the perfect website for your business and target audience. We ensuring the 4 core components of a website are met for our customers through a series of Deep Learning Models. Due to this technology, we have ranked websites number 1 on Google in as little as 2 days!

SEO Websites

Every website built with Genysys Engine is optimised for Search Engine Optimisation.

Managed & Grown For You

A website cannot be successful unless it is maintained and grow. Websites built by Genysys Engine are managed and grown for you to give you the best results possible!

Website Reports

Is your website performing but you want to improve the results? Or do you want to see whether you need a new website? Try our website reports for clarity and growth. Our Reports have 3 steps:


Our learning AI system will research HUGE volumes of data relating to your competitors, audience and industry.


Our Deep learning models will audit your website using the collected and sanitised data, along with your website to find your strengths and limitations.


You will receive your Website Diagnostic Report through your dashboard. You can view e or download it as a PDF. Your report will give you results for all 4 categories, with Fixes and Predictions.

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We Design SEO Friendly Websites

Designed To Rank On Google

Google released their new algorithm update which is focused on people first content. This means your content needs to be designed for your user, whilst you use SEO methods to highlight this content for the search algorithms. Our websites are built on the content your provide through your guided dashboard. We take you by the hand to ensure you a providing the right information that your users want to see. We do not ask you to create website pages, or website content. We only ask you complete the forms and provide the requested data on your business industry and customers.

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Developed For SEO

Our websites are custom built which means they are light weight, flexible and written in a structured document layout for search engine's to both crawl and read. The majority of small businesses struggle to rank online because they are using DIY website builders e.g WIX, Wordpress, Squarespace. These platforms can be optimised but it takes a large amount of resources, time and expertise. We Genysys Engine, we build everything for you.

It's Not A One Time Thing

Most small businesses are led to believe that SEO is a one time service that can be added on after the design of your website. This is incorrect, SEO includes the deisgn, content, structure of your code base and even where you host your server! It has to be maintained and updated through new and fresh content.

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Why Small Business Are Choosing Genysys Engine

Genysys Engine is the clear choice for businesses create or grow a presence online. We consider all your platforms, your customers and your target market to bring great results for your business.

Better Results

Genysys Engine delivers the best results for your small business online. We give you the power of a full team of developers, marketers and data analysts at your finger tips for a low cost.

Local Business

Genysys Engine are based in Dromara, Northern Ireland. Our aim is to level the playing field for small businesses against large brand names online.

Save Time

Genysys Engine cuts the time taken to grow and manage a website by 96%. What will you do with the time saved?

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