The reason behind Genysys Engine Presentation with Matthew Eaton CTO

The Reason Behind Genysys Engine

Genysys Engine began Research and Development in August 2019, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With the aim of helping small businesses grow online with Worry Free Websites. Small businesses face many challenges when it comes to creating and growing a website. Yell (2021) carried out a recent study and found small businesses in the United Kingdom ( UK) only updated their website every 15 months on average. They also found that small businesses who update their website frequently receive 54% more monthly sales than those who didn't. This was due to 3 main factors: Time, Expertise and Cost. To solve these problems, Genysys Engine created a collection of Deep Learning models to reduce the time taken to create and maintain a website, the cost required to create make changes to a website and the expertise required. We take small businesses by the hand and guide them through the process, so they can operate online Worry Free.

Genysys Engine Core Values

Genysys Engine is built on the following core values:

Commitment to Innovation

Genysys Engine is committed to finding new ways for businesses and their customers to interact in the digital space.

Building Communities

Genysys aims to build and support local communities by helping businesses and non profit organisations reach their full potential.

Freedom of movement

Ideas happen in an instant, they are inspired by your environment, interactions and conversations. We aim to support businesses and our team by giving them the infrastructure to take action when innovative ideas strike.

We Value Time

We believe that everything should be as efficient as possible so we can focus on the work that matters. We have created our platform to save your team, your customers time while delivering great results.

Commitment to Independence

We believe that all employees should have the freedom and independence to be themselves. Only with true comfort, knowledge and freedom can employees create innovative ideas.

Meet Our Founders

Our Co-Founders come from opposite ends of the world, but share a common dream: To make the digital world a welcoming space for small businesses.

Matthew Eaton

CTO & Co Founder

Matthew is a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer with over 8 years industry experience. He is the sole developer of Genysys Engine as is responsible for maintaining R&D, operations and growth within the Genysys Engine Network

Emma McClenaghan

CEO & Co Founder

Emma is Genysys Engine's CEO, she is responsible for the daily running and management of the business. She comes from a digital marketing and philosophical background. working with businesses and charities within Northern Ireland.


Silver Innovator Certificate

Genysys Engine has been awarded the Silver Innovator Certificate by the Department of Economy in Northern Ireland. “Silver Level Innovators are named for selecting, testing or developing an innovative idea. Innovative enterprises are viewed as being more forward-thinking and they are attractive to prospective customers, suppliers, investors and staff.” -InnovateNI

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Startup national series award genysys engine shortlisted

Shortlisted: National Startup Awards

Genysys Engine has been shortlisted for the National Startup Awards for two categories: Rural Startup and B2B Services startup. The awards were launched to recognise the booming startup scene across the UK, which has accelerated since the pandemic began.

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