A guide to building your online customer loyalty as a small business

Running a successful business depends on customer loyalty. It is an essential part of running a business. Statistics show it is 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one. With this, you want to make sure you are following these great steps to build customer loyalty to your business.

All feedback is Good Feedback

Complaints are going to happen in every business, it’s just a matter of time. Complaints are great feedback and tell us what we can improve in our business to make our customers happier. Experiencing a negative comment whether over the phone, an online review, or in face complaint. You want to identify the issue and try to resolve it as quickly, and as respectfully as possible. In most cases the customer just wants to be listened to and will return to use your service if you take action to resolve their issue. How you deal with your complaints is part of your brand and should be incorporated into a complaints procedure so all staff members in your organisation are following the same process.

Put in the 10%

It is worth it in the long run to put the extra 10 % in for you customers, clients or supporters. Word of mouth is still the most powerful way of marketing, even in 2022 and you want your clients to have positive things to say. People like to feel special, and so do your clients/supporters. All businesses have competitors, whether direct or indirect, and your customer has the option to go there. With the cost of acquiring a new customer being higher than to retain, it is always worth going the extra mile to make your customer happy and distinguish your business from your competitors.

Connect with your customer

Customers do not make purchases based on one reason. How a customer feels about your brand is just as important as the product itself. You can connect with your customer through your digital assets through your brand. Your brand is based on your core values and allows your customer to find a shared value you have with them. This brand can be used across your social media channels and customer service. When users share a connection with a business, it's very hard to move elsewhere as they are emotionally connected to your service. Issues can also be resolved much more quickly because you have established this report with your customer.

Personalisation is key

When you walk into a retail store, in most cases, you will be greeted with a sales representative who will try to assist you on your sales journey. In a sales greeting, the first thing you do is try to establish a common interest outside of their need for your business. Do they have kids? Did they just get their hair done? You will probably ask their age or tell you your new hair is beautiful. What most businesses miss when they move their business online, is this personalisation. Including someone's name, taking the time to ask them about themselves and laying your website out to them is all key to success online. You can even send out personalised happy birthday messages on their birthday to show you care!

Reward your clients with perks

Your customer keeps coming back! They choose you time and time again and you want to reward this behavior. Offering perks or incentives is a great way to keep your customer engaged. Perks can be anything from a loyalty call ( buy 10 in a row and get one free), discounts at other businesses, free sample products and much more. A lot of businesses are quick to reward or provide discounts to encourage customers to sign up to their business but many forget to reward the customers they already have. Focusing on your loyal customers will ensure they stay loyal

Be accessible

43% of people will not use a service if there is no contact information on their website. Customers expect to be able to contact you for further information, queries or complaints. You want to make sure you have a great website that clearly explains where you are located and the best way they can get in touch with you.

Stick To What You Say

You always need to be reliable and you need to stick to what you say you're going to do. Most businesses make the mistake of offering a large range of services when they can only offer a few really well. Do not misrepresent your services, whether it's the deadline they will be completed by, the cost or what’s included in a product. The main key to customer loyalty is transparency. Be on time, be upfront with your customers and most importantly, be honest. With Genysys Engine it's quick and easy to update your service, company and product information through your dashboard while a team of developers and marketers carry out the work. Ensuring what you put up online is true of your company brand, values and goals.

Build Customer Loyalty With Genysys Engine

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