Using AI To Advance Advertising.

ai digital display agent, how it works

Personalised experiences with AI digital displays

The AI digital display agent is here to help you detect and classify different audience groups, provide communication and update the display in live time for each personalised group. It can measure how long individuals look at the advert and tracks their engagement which can be recorded on any platform. We can classify individuals by demographics such as; age, gender, race, predicted income, predicted employment. We can also indentify psychographics including; predicted lifestyle, predicted interests, travel patterns and predicted journey.

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How It Works

The digital display agent is powered by the Engine and carries out a simple four step process.


We will use readily available hardware to detect the scene e.g a IR camera


The engine classifies the scene and predicts the best version of the ad.

ai digital display agent, how it works

Real-time Communication

The engine delivers real-time communication to the digital display agent.

Ongoing Communication

Scene detection is ongoing to monitor and measure interactions and data is sent back to selected CRM.

benefits of targeted advertising displays with ai

The Digital Display Agent Enables:

The digital display agent has many benefits, we have listed a view of them below.

Increased Engagement

Our AI digital display agent can deliver personalised experiences to different audience groups for increased engagement.

Improved Targeting

Our agent can identify different audience groups, which allows advertisers to target their ads more effectively.

Better Measurement

The assistant can measure how long individuals look at the ad and track their engagement, which can be used to optimise the ad campaign.

Increased ROI:

Our AI digital display agent can increase ROI for advertisers.