AI Tech Startup Of The Year 2023 - Northern Ireland

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About Genysys Engine

Genysys Engine is an AI research startup creating a conscious-like intelligent Engine to power shared knowledge and experience for all humanity. To access this knowledge we use end to end assistive technologies such as Wally the website assistant. The Engine can be integrated into any readily available hardware or software.

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The Future of Genysys Engine

To prove the concept of the Engine, we have applied it to our experience, website design and development but through collaborative research and development we will partner with other industries to power their knowledge and experience to solve some of the worlds greatest challenges.

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Genysys Engine Core Values

Genysys Engine is built on the following core values:

Commitment to Innovation

Genysys Engine is committed to being at the forefront of innovation to advance society. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Artificial Intelligent and Engineering.

Building Communities

Genysys Engine is committed to supporting local communities that form he foundation of society.


Our research has the potenital to have profound impact on the world. We are committed to using our technology ethically and responsibly.

We Value Time

We believe in efficiency and making the most out of your time on each.

Commitment to Purpose

We believe every human has a purpose and with the engine, we want to help every individual overcome diversity to reach their full potential.

Meet Our Founders

Matthew Eaton

CTO & Co Founder

Matthew is our CTO and tech wizard behind the Genysys Engine system. He is a qualified mechanical engineer, aerospace engineer and full stack developer.

emma mcclenaghan ceo and cofounder Genysys Engine

Emma McClenaghan

CEO & Co Founder

Emma McClenaghan is our CEO and visionary behind the engine. She is educated in philosophy at The University of Dundee, where she studied the philosophy of AI and it's impact on society.


Silver Innovator Certificate

Genysys Engine has been awarded the Silver Innovator Certificate by the Department of Economy in Northern Ireland. “Silver Level Innovators are named for selecting, testing or developing an innovative idea. Innovative enterprises are viewed as being more forward-thinking and they are attractive to prospective customers, suppliers, investors and staff.” -InnovateNI

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Gold Innovator Award

Genysys Engine has recieved the Gold Level Innovator Certificate by Innovate NI and the Department For Economy. We have been recognised for commercially launching an innovative idea. We are delighted to have received this certificate and showcase it on our website.

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ai tech startup of the year 2023 northern ireland

AI Tech Startup Of The Year 2023 - Northern Ireland

The SME News UK Enterprise Awards have awarded Genysys Engine AI Techstartup of the Year 2023 - Northern Ireland for our work with Wally the website assistant.

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One To Watch In The Future 2023

Our CEO and Co founder Emma McClenaghan has be awarded one to watch in the future 2023 in the women in tech awards. She was also shortlisted for Entrepreur of the year.

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