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At Genysys Engine, we believe every organisation has a purpose and deserves to achieve its full potential. That's why we've developed AI co-pilots powered by a revolutionary central intelligence. Imagine AI assistants with the combined knowledge and experience of experts across diverse fields, readily available to guide your business decisions and operations. Our research ranges from co-pilots focusing on website development and SEO, to botanical agents and vehicle customer experience agents.

About Genysys Engine

AI Research

Below are examples of co-pilots developed by Genysys Engine in the UK.

Animal Feeding Agent

Humans should care fore the planet and the species living on it. Genysys Engine have been integrating the engine into traditional hardware to deliver a feeding agent. Check out our work on the Squirrel feeding agent below.

Squirrel Feeding Agent

Botanical Agent

Genysys Engine's botanical agent looks after plants, fruits and vegtables. It monitors plants and the environment, to make subtle changes to the environment and feeding cycle to optimise plant growth. Learn more about our botanical agent by contacting us.

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Receipt Agent

Everybody loves to get home a little sooner in the evening. For bar and resturants, staff are often left cashing up various tills at early hours in the morning. With the receipt agent, the process has never been easier. Learn more about the receipt agent by contacting us.

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Digital Display Agent

Our digital display agent updates digital displays in real-time based on the audience groups and individuals viewing them to personalise the experience. Our agent records the data and sends it back to the advertiser for data and metric tracking.

Digital Display Agent

Engine Room

Engine Room ihas the tools of Wally the website assistant for those who want to manage their own website. Take a website screenshot and compare content distribution with Snapper, Extract brand colours and fonts or even find keywords for a compeitiors domain. If you have a website and you want to grow online, sign up today for all the tools you need in one place!

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Our Mission

Genysys Engine's mission is to develop human-centred AI that can assist and empower humans to make a positive impact on the world. We believe that AI should be a tool to augment human capabilities, not replace them and thats why we have created a engine to power shared knowledge and experience and for all humanity. We are working towards achieving our mission everyday through our innovative technology, products and collborative research and development.

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Genysys Engine was created by Emma McClenaghan and Matthew Eaton in August 2019.

botanical agent and hydroponics


Answers to commonly asked questions.

We use technologies that are ahead of their time and extremely innovative, allowing us to build whatever you need we want for a fraction of the price and much better performance!

Yes Genysys Engine can offer discounts for nonprofits, small businesses and startups who are in need of a website but are struggling to pay the upfront costs.

Wally builds your website based on customer data to give your visitors what they want. He cuts out months of testing, ranks websites on Google in just a few weeks and he's extremely affordable.

Creating a website with Genysys Engine is quick and easy. Your website can take anything from 24 hours to 60 days, depending on the size of the website and whether it requires any new features or integrations.

We use human-centred ai because we believe every human has a purpose and deserves to reach their full potential.

We build a wide range of AI solutions from sustainability, travel, admin and customer experience. We offer businesses the ability to rent our solutions of develop their own.