New AI Solutions From Genysys Engine

Each of these agents can be personalised to your business requirments.

Transport Agent

Our transport agent leverages a comprehensive understanding of passengers onboard and the surrounding environment to optimise user experience, accessibility, and security.

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Squirrel Agent

Our squirrel agent excels at monitoring and identifying squirrel populations to protect the UK's red squirrel population.

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Botanical Agent

Our botanical agent is a revolutionary tool for optimising plant growth across various environments. This versatile solution can be deployed in smart cities, farms, or even your home.

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3D Printing Agent

Our 3D printing agent empowers anyone to embrace the possibilities of additive manufacturing. This user-friendly AI assistant simplifies the entire 3D printing process.

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Digital Display Agent

Genysys Engine takes digital signage to the next level. Our AI capabilities enable real-time content updates on digital displays, such as billboards, tailoring the information presented to the specific audience viewing it.

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Cash Up Agent

Our agent revolutionises cash management in bars and restaurants. This innovative solution empowers businesses to expedite and enhance the cash closing process, eliminating the need for dedicated till agents.

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Wally The Website Assistant

Wally, empowers you to create and manage a website that reflects your brand and drives results.

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Engine Room

Engine Room is a comprehensive suite of digital tools specifically designed for designers, marketers, and developers.

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Build an Ecosystem Of AI Solutions.

image shows ecosystem of AI assistant, featured is our squirrel detection agent, engine room, 3d printing agent, till agent, botanical agent and wally the website assistant

Genysys Engine: Building a Bespoke AI Ecosystem for You

The future of AI is here to improve your life, not just make it slightly easier. Imagine AI that cuts your grass, protects the environment, tackles laundry, or even helps your kids learn new skills. Gone are the days of generic AI solutions. Genysys Engine crafts unique AI ecosystems specifically designed for your organisation. These ecosystems consist of multiple AI assistants working together seamlessly to achieve your desired goals.

Create an Assistant.

Create a Personalised AI Assistant with Genysys Engine

At Genysys Engine, we believe AI should be as unique as your goals. We create bespoke assistants specifically tailored to your business or consumers' needs. Great AI thrives on high-quality data, and that's where our expertise comes in. We're not just AI developers, we're engineers who bridge the gap between your domain knowledge and powerful AI solutions. Together, we'll train your AI assistant using your data and expertise. Genysys Engine empowers your team with the knowledge they need to keep their AI assistant learning and adapting as your organisation grows. We create personalised, tailored assistants built based on your data, knowledge and years of expertise to deliver better results, privacy and consistency. Our solutions learn, grow and adapt with your business to deliver a scalable solution.

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How Your Assistant Works.

Our assistants do three main things to carry out tasks to make your life easier.

Monitoring & Detection

Your AI assistant can monitor and detect people, animals, the environment, objects and more using devices such as cameras, drones and senors.

Assistant Ideas

Prediction & Calculations

It can detect and predict any problems, risks, diseases, actions, demographics, lifestyles and much more.

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Your AI assistant will take action to achieve your goal, whether its to feed your plants, alert the authorities, order you food.

Assistant Ideas

A connected life, is an easier life.

a wide range of hardware and devices from drones to cameras to fridges.

AI Assistants that Go Beyond Voice Commands: Interact with Devices and Hardware

Genysys Engine takes AI assistants a step further by enabling communication with various devices and hardware. Imagine your AI assistant, say a plant growth optimizer, detects a malfunctioning fan while you're away. Seamlessly, it can contact Genysys Engine's 3D printing assistant, initiating the printing of a replacement fan for you to install upon your return. This removes tasks from your to-do list and facilitates a truly connected ecosystem within your home, office, or farm.

Software Integration: Empowering Your AI Assistant

Genysys Engine's AI assistants, like Wally the website assistant, aren't limited to voice commands. They possess the ability to understand and even create software applications. This empowers your organization to connect your assistant to any software needed. For instance, you can configure the assistant to automatically save important information to third-party software. Even more impressive, you can design custom applications, websites, or dashboards specifically for your AI assistant to leverage, maximising its effectiveness and functionality.

Genysys Engine assistants connect to software, applications and websites

The Power Behind the Innovation

At the heart of Genysys Engine lies the Engine itself, a groundbreaking, self-sustaining system. This powerhouse fuels, creates, and refines intelligent assistants through a decentralised network. These assistants seamlessly communicate with each other, fostering information sharing and enhanced accuracy. But that's not all – they can also interact with readily available hardware and software, ensuring practicality and real-world application. Thanks to the Engine's innovative architecture, we've significantly reduced development times for both AI applications and solutions. This translates to faster implementation and quicker results for you.

Seamless Interaction with Your AI Assistant

Genysys Engine prioritises accessible communication for all users. We offer a diverse range of interface and communication methods to ensure everyone can interact with their AI assistant seamlessly. Here's a glimpse into what you can expect:

Written Communication ( Text)

Interact with your AI assistant using clear and concise text messages.

Spoken Communication ( Voice)

Issue commands and queries through natural voice commands and speech recognition.

Drawing Communication

Sketch or draw instructions for your AI assistant to understand and respond to your needs.


Utilise actions and gestures for an intuitive and hands-free interaction experience.

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Engine Room

Engine Room by Genysys Engine supercharges your website management. Leveraging tools from our AI assistant, Wally, Engine Room empowers you to compare content, extract competitor branding, and discover valuable keywords. Sign up for FREE today and take website growth into your own hands

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Answers to commonly asked questions.

Genysys Engine is unique because of our perpetual engine that creates domain specific multi-modal agents. These agents interact and communicate with each other, and readily available software and hardware using a decentralised system. Our engine learns, grows and adapts over time and the agents it creates are personalised and tailored to your business data, knowledge and experience.

Yes Genysys Engine can offer discounts for nonprofits, small businesses and startups who are in need of a website but are struggling to pay the upfront costs.

A co-pilot is personalised to your business and data so there is no set time. However on average a prototype will take 3 months.

Yes we offer AI strategy calls, they are priced at £250 for a half day and £500 for a full day.

We use human-centred ai because we believe every human has a purpose and deserves to reach their full potential. By giving others the freedom to innovate, all industries can process and deliver improved solutions across healthcare, education, sustainability and more.

We build a wide range of AI solutions from sustainability, travel, admin and customer experience. We offer businesses the ability to rent our solutions of develop their own.

Wally doesn't just build you a website, he build the perfect website for you. Using historical data, audience data, trends and more we calculate the best version of your website to meet your goals and requirements.