New Website vs Website Audit?

Genysys Engine provides one of the most cost-effective ways to generate warm leads for your business online. Using generative AI reduces both operational and staff costs while producing better results. We offer two products to grow your brand online: Our Guided Website Platform and Website Audits.

Create A New Website

Use our Guided Website Platform to communicate with our engine. Provide your business information to create your beautiful customer focused website. When it's live and you want something updated, or need content advice, simply ask the engine.

Guided Website Platform

Improve Existing Website

Improve your current website with real world data, insights and predicitions to reduce resources, increase engagement and generate leads.

Audit My Website

AI Website Design & Development

The success of a website is no longer based on the design of a website but the value and experience your website delivers to your user. Every user has a goal when they use your website, a customer focused website helps the user reach this goal in the quickest time frame possible. Small business owners in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom, most often do not have the time or resources for this, so we created an affordable alternative to act as a replacement to development & marketing agencies while delivering the same great results! We use generative AI to design and develop 80% of the website and humans to fine tune the rest. This means we can give the ability for any human to create a great website without the time, cost or expertise! Our Guided Website Platform is a communication hub between your team and the engine.

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SEO Powered By AI

50% of website traffic for small businesses owners comes from search engines e.g. Google, but positioning your website online can be a lot of work! In August 2022, Google updated their algorithm to score websites higher that focus on the user and their experience. We AI designing and developing the website to your user, our websites position themselves on Google to bring users to your website and turn them into leads for your business.

Guided Website Platform

You can have as many blogs posts as you like! Use our engine to suggest article content, write your article using our template and upload with your timeblocks ( included in your package).

There is no limit on the number of keywords you can rank for. Our engine will continue to optimise your website for keywords/ search terms based on your audience and data. Our engine will provide a to do list of tasks for your team to help you reach this goal!

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Website Reports

Improve your website performance and generate more leads for your business with our website audits.

Know Your Competiton

We analyse your website with competitors in your industry, to tell you how their traffic is performing, which elements they are interacting with, and how you can make changes to your website to direct this traffic away from your competitors and to your website instead.

Keep Your Visitors Happy

We audit your website and pinpoint issues that are likely to be frustrating your users and leading to loss of revenue for your business. We measure how engaged your users are and recommend optimisations to keep them engaged with your content and make a purchase.

Get More Traffic & Leads

We audit your website and your compeitors to find limitations and recommend optimisations to bring more high quality traffic to your website from search engines. This target traffic is specific to your business.

Website Audit

Shaping The Future Of Website Development

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About Genysys Engine

Genysys Engine is an AI tech startup based in Northern Ireland, UK. Our aim is to remove the barriers between humans and software development. We are focusing our efforts of removing the time, cost and expertise required for small and micro businesses to develop a customer focused website. Our engine uses generative AI to create customer focused websites through text and competitor data to deliver great results and at reduced price. We hope to expand the technology into native app & AR development.

About Genysys Engine

Our Clients

Genysys Engine work with passionate business owners, who know the value of having a website but do not have the resources or expertise to manage it themselves. We are currently only serving customers in the UK, NI and ROI at this time.

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