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Engine Room is adding new tools every month. Take at look at some of our website and SEO tools.

Keyword compass, an Engine Room Tool

Keyword Compass

Find search terms and keywords from a domain. Enter the URL and receive a list of keywords, along with the relevant data.

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Snapper website screenshot and content distribution tool


Capture a webpage screenshot quickly and easily with Snapper. It will also capture the webpage content and allow you to compare the content and structure across different pages.

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Brand Extractor, extract brand colours and fonts from website

Brand Extractor

Capture brand colours, their hex codes, names and typography from any website page using just a URL. Start now with a free account.

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Golden nuggets

Pay With Golden Nuggets/ Tokens

Engine Room uses a Golden Nugget credit/token system to give you more flexibility and keep costs low. Credits can be used across tools and added to your account at any time - No monthly subscriptions!

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Engine Room FAQ

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Engine Room

Engine Room was created to help fund Genysys Engine's AI research to improve the way we live work and learn with personalised guardian assistants. Every token spent goes towards funding our research.


Credits are payment tokens that allow you to use tools within Engine Room.

Yes, like an amusement park, each tool has its own credit value. Your credits can be used across tools within Engine Room.

No, credits have no expiry dates when your purchase them, they can be used at any point.


We have over 350+ tools that are coming to Engine Room.

Snapper is a website content capture tool. This tool is perfect for developers looking for inspiration, marketers seeking to save time and businesses to archive their websites.

Extract fonts and brand colours from any website with a URL.

Keyword Compass allows you to find keywords and competitor keyword statistics from a domain.

We have lots of great tools coming to engine room from website page content classifiers, content writing tools, image creation tools, image extraction tools and much much more.