Commonly Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions we get asked most. If you still require assistant, please email

Engine Room

The price of credits will depend on the package you choose to use. Credit price for professional is 17p, essentials is 20p and starter is 25p.

Yes credits are designed to be used across AI and non AI tools to give yourself flexibility and Engine Room more affordable.

Engine Room is currently in Beta testing. We have received your request to use the platform and our team will process it for your soon.

Engine Room has 3 tools at the moment but over 350 more tools to come. These include AI and non AI tools. The next two tools to be added are called link pig and content goose.

Genysys Engine

Yes, we can help local businesses and organisations build, adopt or use AI. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Every AI company uses an LLM, we use it like garlic sprinkles on a pizza. The Engine is not bound to one, it can integrate and be used between falcon, chatgpt3 and much more.

Yes the majority of our products and services utilise generative AI.

Yes, we provide AI consultations, these are priced between 50-100.00 per hour depending on the depth of the project.

We are in the process of writing a research paper with assistance from Queens University and EY. If you would like to be notified of this please email

Wally the website assistant

You can make changes to your website content, but these are not updated in real time on the website just yet. We are still at MVP so all pages are tested on a secondary domain by our team.

Wally will work alongside your business to rank your website on search engines. Wally helps you reach your goals faster but he still requires your team to provide content for him to optimise.

Wally can write your website content, we just don't allow him to. We believe the best content is human written and should come from your knowledge and experience. Wally is here to optimise it to reach the maximum amount of people.

To get started with Wally, you sign up to a monthly subscription. From the 1st November 2023, there will only be one starting subscription available which is 550 per month. If you require more staff time as your website grows, you can add on additional timeblocks.

Wally is not built on a CMS because they aren't very good. He builds custom stand alone websites, just live a website development agency.

Every business has their own unique formula, working out which is best for you requires testing. For example you can have any image on a website page but which connects with your customer best? Wally runs research and simulations to predict the best places to start to reduce the timeframe for your business achieving results online.