Answers you might want to know

Below is a list of Genysys Engine most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us on

Genysys Engine

You can contact Genysys Engine using our online contact form, emailing or if you are a client, you can use Support Chat located within your Nucleus Portal.


You can cancel you plan at any point through your Genysys Engine Dashboard, plans cancelled at the beginning of you payment month will continue to run for 30 days. If you would like your website taken down immediately or any additional information, please email

Your first payment will be taken out when you are onboarded onto the dashboard. If you would like your payment to come through on a specific date, you can manage this through Chargebee directly or email

You can upgrade your plan through your Genysys Dashboard under account settings, or purchase additional features through your market place. If you would like to downgrade you plan, you can do this by emailing We downgrade your package manually to ensure all your extra features are transferred over correctly.

Website Questions

No, at Genysys Engine, we do not use DIY website builders or theme editors. Our websites are coded by our AI Engine for the best performance, accessibility and SEO scores.

Genysys Engine writes the website content for our clients to ensure all the sales triggers, readability and SEO are included so you get the most from your website. To get the most form our content writing team, please include as much information about your business as you can. More is always better.

Yes, Genysys Engine can create a subscription website for you. Subscriptions need to be managed through a subscription company, the platform allows small businesses to connect via Chargebee. However, if you have another subscription service, please let us know and we can connect this for you.

Genysys Engine encourages you to make updates to your website. Businesses that update their website regularly receive 54% more sales monthly than those who don't ( Yell 2021). We provide timeblocks for each of our monthly website plans to allow you to make changes without worrying about the cost associated with it. Through your dashboard you can create tasks to make the changes, simply tell us what you would like do, and when you would like it completed. Genysys Engine will complete the website changes for you.

No, we never ask you to build your website. This is built by Genysys Engine. Your platform is to provide information about your business so our team can accurately represent you company online.

No, our platform system is decentralised from the website itself. This means that any information inputted into the platform will not be directly reflected on your website. To add the information to your website, you simply create a task. Genysys Engine will add this content to the website for you in the place that it has most value for your user.