Using AI To Help The Squirrels.

red squirrel eating a nut.

Promoting Bio-diversity

Red squirrels face competition and potential displacement from invasive grey squirrels. Selective feeding can help stabilise the red squirrel population and promote bio-diversity. The squirrel feeding agent uses scene recognition technology to classify red squirrels and dispense food. grey squirrels and other animals are not supplied food.To classify the squirrel we look at their coat colour, ear tufts, size, tails, weight, season, location, age and more.

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How It Works

The squirrel feeding agent is powered by the Engine and carries out a simple four step process.


We use readily available hardware to detect the scene such as micro cameras.


The agent, powered by Genysys Engine classifies the red squirrel.

red squirrel with green image detection boxes. There is a blue arrow pointing from squirrel to food.

Real-time Communication

We deliver real-time communcation to connected hardware to dispense food and software to record data.

Ongoing Communication

Scene detection is ongoing to monitor squirrel behaviour and interactions.

benefits of an ai squirrel feeding agent

The Squirrel Feeding Agent Enables:

The squirrel feeding agent has many benefits, we have listed a view of them below.

Increased access to food

The squirrel feeding agent can increase access to food for the red squirrels, contributing to population stability.

Reduced Competition

Reduced competition with grey squirrels, mitigating their negative impact on biodiversity.

Squirrel data collection

We can collect valuable data on squirrel behaviour and interactions for researchers.

Application Adaption

The squirrel feeding agent can be adapted to other wildlife management applications.