Recognising Emma McClenaghan's Achievement at the Women in Tech Awards 2023

In a celebration of outstanding women in the tech industry, the Women in Tech Awards 2023 took place on May 25th at Belfast's esteemed Europa Hotel. The event brought together leading professionals to celebrate and honor the exceptional achievements of women in Northern Ireland's thriving tech industry. Among the distinguished winners was our CEO Emma McClenaghan, who was honored with the 'One to Watch in the Future' Award.

Recognising Exceptional Tech Talents

The gala brought together over 300 guests from diverse business sectors to celebrate and reward individuals who have achieved significant success within the local tech sector. According to Tech Nation, the tech industry now accounts for more than one in seven jobs in Northern Ireland, making it a pivotal driver of economic growth and innovation in the region. The evening, hosted by Sarah Travers, showcased the accomplishments of exceptional women and one inspiring male advocate who have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible across a broad spectrum of technology.

Women in tech awards pictured

Celebrating CEO Success

Our CEO, Emma McClenaghan was thrilled to receive the ‘One to Watch In The Future’ Award sponsored by BT. This recognition underscores Emma's commitment to innovation, business value, and driving technological advancements. Expressing her gratitude, Emma said “I would like to say thank you to Women In Business for hosting a great event and BT for sponsoring the awards. I am delighted to have received this award on behalf of Genysys Engine and Wally the friendly website assistant”

Wally is our very intelligent system that can carry out the same processes and tasks as a full team of designers, developers and marketers but in less time, with consistent results and less overhead. He learns and adapts every day to work with small businesses to reach their goals online.

Emma pictured with nomination and award

Shaping the Future of Technology: Plans for Genysys Engine

Emma's well-deserved recognition as 'One to Watch in the Future' at the Women in Tech Awards 2023 showcases her dedication and remarkable progress in leveraging technology to deliver business value and innovation. With Wally, the intelligent website assistant the future of Genysys Engine is bright, with CEO Emma saying: “We plan to scale Wally to give any individual the opportunity to create and manage a website or app from voice, text or media alone. In the next 12 months, Wally will move from a reactive website assistant to a proactive one. He will interpret the needs and goals of the website user and adapt to meet them. You can think of this as the ‘brick and mortar shopping experience but online”

For more information about Genysys Engine and Wally's innovative solutions, check out our website.