Create and manage a website with your voice! Learn about speech to website development.

Small businesses make up the backbone of the UK economy. They account for 99% of business and over 60% of private sector employment. They create jobs, drive innovation and bring character and charm to the UK. Due to the pandemic, Brexit and the recession, small business closure rates are up almost 50% from last year. According to industry experts such as Yell 2021 the biggest problem small businesses face regarding their website is a lack of time and resources to manage it. They also found that businesses that updated their website monthly in the UK received 54% more sales than those that did not. It is imperative, more than ever, that we provide a solution to small and micro businesses that is effortless and requires no experience to reach their target customer online.

How does voice to website system work?

Genysys Engine gives the power to any individual to create a website using speech, text and media alone. Small businesses speak to the engine, just like a team of developers, marketers and designers. Our engine carries out the same tasks and processes to achieve great results with less overhead and in a shorter time frame.

The engine is flexible and allows for any input to create and manage a website from text, images, video etc. Genysys Engine added voice as a new feature to save time and improve accessibility for our clients.

Using your voice to create and manage a website is more convenient, natural, accessible and engaging. There are many benefits to building a website with your voice, we have listed some of them below:

It’s more convenient. You can create and edit your website without having to type anything. This can be a huge time saver if you are not a natural typist.

It’s more natural- Speaking is how we communicate with each other in the real world. Using your voice to create and edit your website makes it feel more natural and intuitive.

It’s more accessible - Not everyone can type. Using voice, we can make website development accessible to people with disabilities.

It's more engaging - Turn a mundane task into a fun experience. Speech-to-website development is both fun and engaging. It also allows you to speak more freely and naturally to create more engaging content for your audience. It’s Easier - For some people it is easier to speak about their business than write about it. Writing can be a deterrent for small businesses to reach their customers online.

How does the system work for optimising the website for search engines?

Our speech-to-website system is just one component of Genysys Engine. It researches, predicts, designs, develops and optimises websites.

A website can only be an asset to a small business if it has value and visitors. 50% of small business website traffic comes from organic search engines like Google. It is the most cost-effective way for businesses to bring warm traffic to their website.

The engine is your helpful digital assistant and will take care of all the messy, techy SEO details for your website. Speak to the engine and tell it what search terms you would like to rank for, ask it what search terms your competitors are ranking for, or tell it your ideal audience and it will find the search terms for you. The engine will provide a road map to ranking on the first page of search engines for these terms and turn it into a to-do list on your platform for your team to complete.

A huge factor in ranking online is customer experience and thus, how your website performs and how it is designed. Genysys Engine websites are decentralised from the management platform, making your website light and more flexible than DIY website builder alternatives. As it is a stand-alone site, you have unlimited customisation. If you can dream it, you can build it. Just ask the engine.

Save time and create a website that works for you!

When we give the power to any individual to create a website from speech, text or media alone, we can create a beautiful internet with space for every small and micro business owner in our community.

Set your business in motion, power it with Genysys Engine.