Using AI To Democratise 3D Printing

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The Genysys Engine 3D Printing Agent

Our 3D printing agent empowers anyone to embrace the possibilities of additive manufacturing. This user-friendly AI assistant simplifies the entire 3D printing process. From managing print files and selecting the appropriate filament to assisting with bed leveling and other technical aspects, the 3D printing agent removes complexity, making 3D printing accessible to a wider audience.It can measure how long individuals look at the advert and tracks their engagement which can be recorded on any platform. We can classify individuals by demographics such as; age, gender, race, predicted income, predicted employment. We can also indentify psychographics including; predicted lifestyle, predicted interests, travel patterns and predicted journey.

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The Digital Display Agent Enables:

The digital display agent has many benefits, we have listed a view of them below.

Simplified Process

Genysys Engine acts as a user-friendly AI assistant, which means it removes complexity from the entire 3D printing process. This can be especially helpful for beginners who might find the traditional workflow daunting.

Increased Accessibility

By simplifying the process, Genysys Engine makes 3D printing accessible to a wider audience. People with no prior experience can now be empowered to embrace the possibilities of 3D printing.

Wider Market

For 3D printing companies this can open up their market to expand assistive manufacturing to home and office.

Why Partner With Genysys Engine

There are many great reasons to build your 3D printing agent with Genysys Engine, but here are just a few.

Unique Technology

The Engine that powers our agents and assistants is completely unique to Genysys Engine. The Engine delivers you better performance, practical use cases and lower cost.

Assistant Ideas

Connected Network

Genysys Engine assistants are scalable and can live within a connected ecosystem allowing them to leverage each others functionality and context for better results.

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Genysys Engine and our assistants are a perpetual system that get better over time. They learn, grow and adapt with your business.

Assistant Ideas

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