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Brand Extractor, extract brand colours and fonts from website

Extract Brand Colours & Fonts.

Brand Extractor or 'BE' is a brand colour palette and typography extraction tool. Enter a website URL and our tool will effortlessly extract the essence of any website's brand identity. BE will seamlessly identity the dominant colours that shape a websites brand identity and with just a few clicks, you will have access to the hex codes and names of the colours, allowing you to incorporate them into your own designs. BE will also identity the typography and icon sets used on the website. Try Brand Extractor for FREE today. Create an account using the link below and you will have access to be and many other great tools from Engine Room.

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What Can BE Do?

Brand identity plays a pivotal role in a company's success and BE can help you along the way.

website brand extraction tool - colour palette & fonts

Extract Website Colours.

Capture you favourite colour palettes from websites with our Brand Extraction tool. Enter the URL and receive the colours, hex codes and colour names. Save them in one place to use on your own marketing materials.

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brand extrator home screen showing easy url website input to capture font colours and brand colour palette from website.

Extract Website Typography.

Capture and save your favourite fonts in one place with Brand Extractor. Enter the URL and you will be provided a table with the fonts and icons used on the website page, so you can easily integrate them into your own marketing materials.

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BE - brand extractor tool for brand colours and fonts

Capture Website Screenshot

When using Brand Extractor, you will also be delivered a screenshot of the website page so you can see where the colours are being used quickly and easily.

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Why Use Brand Extractor?

Snapper offers a number of benefits over other website colour and font capture tools, including:

Brand Extractor offers ease of use.

Brand Extractor is an extremely easy to use website brand extraction tool. Enter the URL of the website you would like to know the colours, fonts and icons off, and the tool will do the rest.

Brand Extractor offers flexability.

Brand Extractor is one tool within Engine Room and can be connected or integrated with tools within Engine Room of external platforms such as email, Google Sheets etc.

Brand Extractor is affordable.

Brand Extractor is very affordable, especially when compared to other website colour and font extraction tools. We do not ask you to pay a monthly subscription, but buy credits to use the tools as and when you require them.

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Website screenshot with brand extractor tool