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Extract Keywords From Website Domains.

Keywords are the key to unlocking SERP rankings and reaching your target customer online. Keyword Compass is a keyword extraction tool. Enter the URL for any domain, your own or your competitors, and discover the keywords associated with their domain. You will receive the monthly search data for these keywords across the year. Try Keyword Compass for FREE today by signing up to an account with Engine Room, a digital toolbox.

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What Can Keyword Compass Do?

Keyword Compass provides keywords associated with website domains and their monthly search data.

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Extract Website Keywords.

Capture search terms associated with website with just a URL. Keyword Compass carries out a comprehensive keyword extraction process, analysing content to provide you with relevant search terms associated with the domain. These can be both long tail and short tail phrases.

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Extract Valuable Data and Insights.

Keyword Compass brings you search volumes and keyword relevance. It provides you a detailed breakdown of monthly search volumes for extracted keyword, empowering you to prioritise and focus your efforts on the keywords that resonate with your target audience.

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Extract Difficulty Level

Keyword Compass provides you a detailed breakdown of each of the keywords associated with a website domain. One of these is the competitive score and the competition index, so you can quickly see which keywords will require additional work and attention in your SEO content planning.

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Why Use Keyword Compass?

Keyword Compass offers a number of benefits over other website colour and font capture tools, including:

Keyword Compass offers ease of use.

Keyword Compass is a very easy to use search term extraction tool. Enter the domain that you would like to know the search terms and data for and Keyword Compass will do the rest.

Keyword Compass offers flexability.

Keyword Compass is one tool within Engine Room and can be connected or integrated with tools within Engine Room of external platforms such as email, Google Sheets etc.

Keyword Compass is affordable.

Keyword Compass is very affordable, especially when compared to other website search term data extraction tools. We do not ask you to pay a monthly subscription, but buy credits to use the tools as and when you require them.

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