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Snap and Compare Content With Ease

Snapper is a powerful website screenshot tool and content distribution comparison tool that helps you create and share beautiful screenshots of your website, as well as compare your content distribution against competitors in the industry. With our website screenshot tool, you can take full page screenshots of your website in high resolution, save you screenshots, comare your content distribution to make improvements to your website and compare your content against comepetitors.

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What Can Snapper Do?

Snapper if a flexible and versitile website screenshot and content capture tool. It can be used on it's own or integrated with other tools within Engine Room or external platforms.

Snapper website screenshot tool dashboard, showing simple url entry and index of snaps

Capture Website Screenshots.

Capture a high resolution screenshot of any website. The screenshot is saved for you to view again later or you can download it to save externally or share across social media channels.

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shows dashboard of generated results from website screenshot tool Snapper

Capture Website Content.

Capture the content on the website page alongside a website's meta data. This makes it easy to archive your content or view content of other websites in your industry.

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Website distribution comparrison tool, shows content being compared side by side for two dog charities.

Compare Website Content.

Quickly compare website content distribution between website pages you have screenshoted side by side. This makes it easy to see areas in your content that might need improvement or additional features.

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Why Use Snapper?

Snapper offers a number of benefits over other website screenshot and content distribution comparison tools, including:

Snapper offers ease of use.

Snapper is an extremely easy to use website screenshot tool. Enter the URL of the website and the tool will do the rest. It will take a screenshot of both your website and the content it finds on the website page. With just a few clicks you can compare previous website content snaps with other pages on your website or with your competitors.

Snapper offers flexability.

Snapper is one tool within Engine Room and can be connected or integrated with tools within Engine Room of external platforms such as email, Google Sheets etc.

Snapper is affordable.

Snapper is very affordable, especially when compared to other website screenshot and distrubution tools. We do not ask you to pay a monthly subscription, but buy credits to use the tools as and when you require them.

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Example of website screenshot from snapper