Genysys Engine, NI, is using generative AI to create customer focused websites.

Genysys Engine is an AI tech startup in Northern Ireland aiming to remove the barriers between humans and software development with generative AI. There has been a lot of buzz recently about chatgpt3 and DALLE, these use natural language prompts to generate text and images. Genysys Engine uses similar technology to generate Web-based components from natural language descriptions and competitor data. we are currently applying this technology to the niche website development market but this technology can be applied to any Web-based component, such as AR, VR and native web apps.

Why customer focused websites?

We never intended to work with generative AI. We began in August 2019 with the aim of creating an internal tool to build customer focused websites. However the pandemic hit and the need changed. As more businesses moved online, competing for a users time has become more difficult. When websites first began the leading goal for any business was just to own a website. When DIY website builders such as Squarespace were introduced, businesses were relieved that they could create a beautiful website without code at an affordable cost. However, as these tools have gained popularity, the same tools that once helped small businesses stand out online, are now causing one website to look like another. Indiana University found a 30% increase in website uniformity in 2017. Website design, like all other industries, is shifting to the customer first approach. Small businesses once again need an affordable solution to reach their customers online. our aim has always been to deliver small and micro businesses an opportunity to succeed online without the resources and expertise.

How does it work?

Our engine has 3 core systems which work together to create our everlasting websites. The Engine collects information from the business using our Guided Website Platform. Our customers often do not know what makes a good website or what content to include. We make it easy for them with an easy Q&A format and health system. We ask businesses the questions they know e.g what is your one minute elevator pitch, to gain an understanding of their business. The engine takes this information and researches the business, competitors, audience and industry. It looks at exciting in depth data, to predict the best web page layout. The engine designs and develops the website and sends it back to our clients for changes. Once the website is live, the engine will continue to monitor the site and carry out research to predict new content and optimisation that will lead to higher results for the business.

The platform

The platform itself is decentralised from the client website. Unlike DIY websites builders, the changes made on the platform will not reflect the website. This is a management hub and communication tool between our clients and the engine. The platform is designed to encourage interaction and growth by delivering clarity, control and transparency. Many of our clients updated their websites once every 6 months, some every 2 years. They now spend an average of 2 hours interacting with their website per week.

Experience like no other

Every website user has an intent or goal when they land on a website. Whether it's research, using services, entertainment, companies are always seeking to improve the customer experience online and relate to their user. Genysys Engine will bring websites that change themselves in real time based on each individual user and their goals.

Plans for the future

The future is filled with unlimited opportunity for Genysys Engine but in the next 12 months, we aim to complete the remaining 20% of our engine to prove that AI can replace website design and development once and for all. Once achieved, we will be releasing a free version to the public to create a landing page. You don't want to miss this, head over to our social media pages to follow us for updates.

Can we work with the Engine

We are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our technology and help businesses in Northern Ireland. If you would like to partner with us, work with us or invest in us, we want to hear from you. Email If you would like to use our platform, please apply through our website.