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You Want To Know How It Works

Genysys Engine uses Generative AI to created customer focused web based components. We gather the data from domains worldwide and our user through an easy to use Q&A format and health system. Our engine looks at the user, their wants and needs and predicts the best user journey to help them reach their goals. It then continues to monitor the data to recommend optimisations to meet the user's needs. Our aim is to apply this technology to all web-based applications to remove the barriers between humans and software development. We are currently open for fundraising, if you want to invest in the technology of tomorrow get in touch!

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What Is The Engine?

The Engine utilises AI and has three core systems which allow it to gather the infromation required to build a website, develop the website and continue to grow and optimise the website, to postition itself on Google for higher than average website traffic and leads across industries.

Learning System

There learning system takes our client data and data from domains worldwide to comapre the success of web based elements used to create a website.

Creation System

The creation system developed bespoke web based components. It designs them to acessability and website design standards to bring a postive experience to the user.

Growth System

This system monitors and analyses the data to find optimisations and sugguest content recommendatins to ensure our clients websites grow with their business.

Why We Use AI

We use AI because it allows us to give the power of a full team to one individual, cutting time, cost and achieving better results for our clients.


Our website assistant reduces the time taken to develop and manage a website by 96%. Reducing the overall cost of bespoke website design, development and SEO services for our clients

Competitor Data

Our website assistant monitors industry and competitor data worldwide to find which web elements perform best. We use this data to improve client website results.

One To One Experience

With our AI Assistant we can get closer to achieving the one to one shopping experience online, allowing our clients to connect and build rapport with their website users.

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