SEO and PPC marketing strategies are often thought to be independent. This articles outlines the benefits of combing the two marketing strategies to increase your ROI.

Genysys Engine speaks to many small businesses across Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and in the United Kingdom ( UK). We have found that many businesses in these countries are under the impression that SEO And Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising are separate marketing strategies and should be kept independent and as such these strategies often compete with each other for a small business's attention, rather than using both and having them work alongside each other. Using both will generate the highest ROI from your company than using either independently. To understand the benefits of combining the methods, you must first understand what the two marketing strategies entail to bring visitors to your website.

An Overview Of SEO & PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click ( PPC) Advertising

Pay per click advertising is the process of buying space on search results, other websites and platforms. You can have many types of advertisements including: videos, images and text ads. A pay per click campaign factors in, but is not limited to, keywords/ search terms, bidding strategy, ad placements, audience interest and more. When you take out a search ad, your website can appear at the top or on the first page of Google for the search terms you set up but will cost your business money everytime someone clicks on your ad through to your website. You will get charged whether the customer uses your business or not. Thus you want to make sure your website has a converting user journey and that your ads are bringing the right target traffic to your website. Your user journey is part of your SEO strategy and will help you get better ROI from your PPC traffic. As you are paying for each click, unlike SEO, when you stop paying for ads your traffic will stop. But PPC is faster, it only takes a few days for Google to review your ad and start displaying it to your target audience, bringing traffic to your website much faster than SEO marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the process of optimising your website to provide usefulness to human users, and structure for the search engines. SEO can both increase the quantity and quality of visitors to your website, bringing users searching for businesses like yours. How you rank on Google is down to the quality of your website, how it performs and the value it delivers to the end user. For a user to find your website on Google, they use search terms / Keywords to prompt a return from their search query. For your website to display, your website needs to contain these keywords / search terms. But it isn’t forced, it should flow naturally because your content should already contain these keywords! Google has released a new algorithm update in August 2022 to focus on user first content, you can read above there here. SEO brings organic traffic to your website, which makes it a popular choice but it also takes time and resources to rank your business on Google. With Genysys Engine, we build SEO into every website as organic traffic for your business should be a given with a good website!

Benefits of Combing The Marketing Strategies

Improve and Find Keywords & Search Terms

Both SEO and PPC advertising use keywords, these connect the user searching for the information to your content. These keywords/ search terms can be utilised across marketing strategies to improve each other's results. When we plan SEO, researching your keywords is one of the primary strategies to find out what search terms your target audience is using to find the information they are looking for. Then we build up content that falls naturally around those keywords. Once you add these keywords it can take a few months to know if these keywords are effective for your marketing strategy. PPC delivers you the same results right away. It gives you an idea right away which keywords people are finding your ad for and how many click through to your website. Having access to the information earlier, helps you kick start your SEO strategy and save you months of work. However, when you choose to use a website with Genysys Engine, we use Deep Learning models to collect this information for you so you do not need to complete this step. While traditional websites can take an average of 6 months to rank keywords, our engine can do it in as little as two days.

Increase Business Exposure

A huge benefit of running a PPC campaign that integrates with your website and your overarching SEO Strategy is that it will help your business to gain more exposure. Have you ever been using Google and wonder why the top ad spots on Google Ads are also the same companies as the top organic / SEO spots? These businesses are utilising both PPC and SEO marketing strategies to deliver the best ROI for their company. They both get the traffic that clicks on ads, and the traffic that scroll past the ads to the organic search results. Not only this, but the user is more likely to remember your business and purchase. On average it takes 10 points of interaction before a customer makes a purchasing decision, by being in both the ads and Google rankings, that’s already two!

Confidence In Your Copy

Pay per clicks advertisements are a good way to test engagement for your titles and descriptions. As you know from your ad, if people searching have responded to the aspects in a positive or negative way for your company's bottom line. Successful content can be transferred to your website page meta titles and descriptions so you know they work. As mentioned previously, SEO takes time and it can be a few months before you have this data.

SEO & PPC Go Hand In Hand

SEO and PPC ads go hand in hand. They help each other out so they both can perform at an optimal level for ROI for your business in Northern Ireland or the UK. When you use them together, it will lead to more traffic, exposure and sales for your business. Genysys Engine is here to level the playing field for small businesses. Unlike other website platforms, we don’t just build your website but to continue to grow it. SEO is included with every website package.