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Genysys Engine Wins Silver Innovator Award

Genysys Engine was awarded the Silver Innovator Award by The Department of Economy. Read more about this award here.

Genysys Engine Has Been Shortlisted In the National Startup Awards

Genysys Engine has been shortlisted for two categories in the National Start up Awards. Read more about the awards and categories.

Generative AI and Customer Focused Websites

Genysys Engine, NI, is using generative AI to create customer focused websites.

Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Replace Website Design & Development

AI has become a helpful in aiding website design and development, but will it replace the process?

The Best AI Website Builder For Small Businesses

Find your target market online with the best AI Website Builder for small businesses.

Speech to Website Development: A new way to Manage your website

Create and manage a website with your voice! Learn about speech to website development.

Revolutionising Education: Empowering Learning with AI

Local Businesses Genysys Engine and Learnng Me Collaborated To Explore The Impact Of AI In The Classroom And Examine How It Is Revolutionising Education.

One to Watch: Celebrating Women in Tech 2023

Recognising Emma McClenaghan's Achievement at the Women in Tech Awards 2023

How Artificial Intelligence is Advancing Website Development

This article covers how Genysys Engine is advancing website development with artificial Intelligence.