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SEO Services For Businesses

Would you like to build awareness for your brand and bring more visitors to your website? If so, you need SEO services. SEO stands for search engine optimisation which is the process of improving the visibility and ranking of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs). For a website to be optimised it needs to have technical SEO, content marketing, link building, on-page optimisation and keyword research. This can be time consuming and expensive for small businesses. Genysys Engine uses AI to provide more accurate and precise results for your business. We work alongside you to create action plans and help you reach your goals.

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Why Choose AI For SEO.

Your business should use AI SEO managed services because it is more cost effective, delivers better results and allows you to dominate the competition.

Cost Effective

Ranking a website on search engines takes planning, research, content creation, optimisation and technical SEO. With AI SEO Services your business can achieve better results, in less time with much less overhead making it a great and cost effective option for small businesses in the UK.

Save Time

Traditional SEO services can take months of work to see results. Our AI managed SEO service runs simulations and using data to predict an efficient action plan to reach your goals in the quickest time frame. The quickest we have ranked a website for their primary search times has been 2 days.

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Works For You

Our AI managed SEO service monitors your website and visitor data to ensure you are bringing the correct customers to your website and creating the correct content to keep them engaged.

It's Very Easy

SEO is easy with Genysys Engine. Our AI managed service and our team work hand in hand to deliver you an easy experience. All you need to worry about is providing the valuable content for our system to complete your action plan.

Our SEO Process with Wally.

For the best results, you need a strong foundation. The foundation for SEO is your website.

Intial Consultation

We will arrange a consultation call with your business to discuss your needs and requirements for your website, along with your SEO goals. We will put together a quotation and this will be emailed to the emailed to your business.

Platform Onboarding

Once your deposit is received, we will provide you access to your Genysys Engine dashboard and arrange a second call to show you how to use the platform and complete your initial information to build your website.

Time To Review

We give you time to review the information in the platform, add any additional keywords your would like to rank for, and make any alterations to the content. When you are ready select " build my website."

Website Development & SEO

Our team and the engine will get to work creating your perfect website based on the information. Please allow up to 1 month for us to research your market, competitors, design, develop and add SEO to your draft website.

First Draft & Amendments

We will supply the first draft of your website for your team to review for design, content changes or additional information. Our team and Wally will then carry out these changes on your behalf.

Website Goes Live

Our team will provide you a second draft of the website for final review. Once you are happy, we will provide details to connect your domain to your website. Our team can provide support, assistance and training for this if your business requires.

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Dominate The Competition

To grow your SEO, you need to makes optimisations and add new content.

Action Plans

Your team will receive tasks and recommendations based on metrics and data. These tasks are designed to increase your performance and results from your website.


View your traffic data and results through your Genysys Engine dashboard. You can view how many people came to your website, where they came from and their location.

Human Support

The Genysys Engine team is here for you at every step of your journey. We provide chat support through our dashboard.

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website audit and report

SEO Website Audit

Genysys Engine also provide SEO website audits for businesses who manage their own website. This report includes an examination of your website performance, technical SEO, on page optimisation, off page optimisation, content, keyword research and an actionplan.


Yes, we offer audit retesting for only £50.00 to check and validate that the optimisations have been completed. We recommend waiting at least 3 months before a re-testing to allow the system to pick up additional optimisations your website can make from the new changes.

Your business should carry out a professional website at least once a year. Allow 6 months is better and every quarter is best.

Websites audits are designed to be carried out by your team or an external team who manages your website. If you would like changes made, consider Wally the website assistant.

We typically carry out the audit within 3-7 working days. This allows us time for the engine to carry out the research, audit your website, create your action plans and be verified and fine tuned by our human team.