Genysys Engine was created by Emma McClenaghan and Matthew Eaton in August 2019. To help small businesses grow online without the high costs, time and tech headaches. We wanted to create a system that just worked for our clients and allowed any business with a great idea and target market to operate online without restrictions. Our Founders began Genysys Engine as an internal tool to create bespoke websites in half the time. The plan was to cut the resources and pass the savings back onto our customers.

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The Pivot to AI and Deep Learning Models

We proved their initial concept that websites could be built faster, however, we ran into other time consuming issues. Most of our clients referred to themselves as “ tech dinosaurs.” They found it difficult to know which information to provide, why they required it and which format to deliver it in. This led to inconsistency with branding, values and additional resources. Our founders wanted to fix this to cut the costs further and make the process of growing a website fun and easy for our clients. We set to work creating a Neural Network that could do 3 primary things : Collect information with help from the business, create the website for the business and lastly, provide recommendations for the business to grow their website.

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The Dall-e of Websites

The Dall-e of websites was born! It took 3 years to create, and due to our founders' separate Nationalities ( British and Australian) they built it across 3 countries : Northern Ireland, Thailand and Australia. Much like Dall-e or Craiyon ( as it has now been named) our system creates things from natural language descriptions. The Dall-e of websites allows businesses to create a website from their business from a few form entries. Cutting the time taken to create and build a bespoke developed website by 86% while delivering better results! Genysys Engine launched their Worry Free Guided Website Platform in April 2022 and have been sold out every month since. The Dall-e of websites solves 3 major problems for small businesses.

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The Three Core Problems Small Businesses Face

Yell carried out a study in 2021 to determine how small businesses in the UK were manging their website during the pandemic. The found that businesses who updated their website regularly received 54% more monthly sales than those who didnt. The average small businesses were updating their website was one every 15 months, they found 3 main factors to why. These factors are what Genysys Engine was created to solve:

Too High Cost

51% of small businesses agreed that the cost of making changes to their website was too high. At Genysys Engine, we didnt want cost to be a deterrent for small businesses to make changes to their website. We created our monthly packages to include website changes, while our AI system suggests changes and updates a small business should make to their website to increase their return on investment from their website and marketing campaigns.

Too Much Time

31% of small businesses said that updating their website takes too much time. Whether you are using a development agency or a DIY website, it takes time to update your website. Research needs to be carried out, content has to be written, images chosen before uploading the content to your actual site. Then the real work begins to optimise this content for your audience. Small businesses are already wearing several hats, finding time for website maintenance can be difficult. We created Genysys engine to rmove 96% of the time needed to create and grow a our clients can get back to helping their customers.


30% of small businesses did not make changes to their website because they were afraid of breaking something. Genysys Engine was created to remove the need for tech expertise in house. We will guide you and led you by the hand, taking care of the tech side for small businesses so they never have to worry about anything tech related going wrong. We want businesses to feel comfortable and excited to make changes and updated to their website.

Join The Worry Free Guided Website Platform

Having a website that just perfroms is every small businesses dream, and with our low cost affordable website packages, it is no wonder why businesses are opting for Genysys Engine over DIY website builders. If you would like to set your business in motion and power it with Genysys Engine, contact us to join our waiting list. Current wait time is 3-4 weeks.