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One Page Website

Do you want to create a professional website that is easy to maintain and affordable? Try our one page website builder. Answer questions about your business and our team will turn it into a beautiful and profitable landing page for your business. One page websites are priced at £45.00 to design and develop, and £5 per month to host.

Designing and Developing Your One Page Website

Genysys Engine's process for creating your webite.

Buy Your Website

Purchase your one page website, at £45.00, securely via stripe. When you website is ready to go live we will begin your £5.00 hosting subscription.


You will be asked to fill out you business details to provide our team information to design and develop your website.

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Website Development

Our system will create your website and email you one draft of your website to make any changes.


We will provide you the details you require to connect your domain to your website. We can provide assistance with this for a small charge.

Benefits For Your Business

Benefits of generating social media post ideas.

Easy To Maintain

One page websites are easy to maintain as they only have one page of content for you to keep track off. Any updates can be submitted to our team to carry out for you.

Affordable website

One page websites are much more affordable than full websites with complex structures, allowing you to get your business off the ground!

Effective website

One page websites can be just as effective as traditional websites, if not more so. This is because they are easy to navigate and focus on a single message.

Professionally Designed & Developed

Your one page website is professionally designed and developed by Genysys Engine for great performance and results.

No stress websites

Genysys Engine websites have 99.9% uptime so you can rest assured your website is online and working for your business.

Commonly Asked Questions

Find a list of commonly asked questions for our one page websites.

Website Questions

We will turn your website around in 24 hours from when we have confirmed receipt of your payment.

You can make changes to your website at any point. Changes are priced at £5.00.

Once payment is complete, we will provide you a questionnaire to complete about your business for your one page website.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) will be added to your website for you.

No, we do not supply or resell domain names however, we can recommend commonly trusted providers for you.

Yes, we will host the one page website for you with Google. Hosting costs are ongoing at £5 per month.