Artificial Intelligence Research

Genysys Engine believe every human has a purpose and deserves to reach their full potential. We believe we can acheive this through shared knowledge and experience, thus we have created the first engine to do just that! To access this knowledge we use co-pilots or end to end assistive technologies.

Animal Feeding Agent

Humans should care fore the planet and the species living on it. Genysys Engine have been integrating the engine into traditional hardware to deliver a feeding agent. Check out our work on the Squirrel feeding agent below.

Squirrel Feeding Agent

Botanical Agent

Genysys Engine's botanical agent looks after plants, fruits and vegtables. It monitors plants and the environment, to make subtle changes to the environment and feeding cycle to optimise plant growth. Learn more about our botanical agent by contacting us.

Botanical Agent

Receipt Agent

Everybody loves to get home a little sooner in the evening. For bar and resturants, staff are often left cashing up various tills at early hours in the morning. With the receipt agent, the process has never been easier. Learn more about the receipt agent by contacting us.

Receipt Agent

Digital Display Agent

Our digital display agent updates digital displays in real-time based on the audience groups and individuals viewing them to personalise the experience. Our agent records the data and sends it back to the advertiser for data and metric tracking.

Digital Display Agent

Farming Carbon

Farming Carbon is a framework developed in Northern Ireland to scale sustainable farming practices and support farmers. It aims to empower businesses and individuals invest in climate action, through meeting their corporate social responsibility while supporting farmers in their transition to greener farming.

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JJ Photography

JJ Photography specialises in wedding & boudoir photography. We redesigned their website on the Genysys Engine website to rank number one for Boudoir Photography in Northern Ireland. The photographs on this website were taken by JJ Photography!

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Via Wings

Via Wings is a registered charity based in Dromore, Northern Ireland. They support the community to tackle poverty, social isolation and promote mental health. Via Wings moved to Genysys Engine from WordPress to help them find the people who require their support most. The new donation system, added by our team, allows them to take one-off and monthly donations through their website. If you would like to hear more about our charity website packages, please get in touch.

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big e taxi tours webiste design

Big E Taxi Tours

Big E Taxi Tours is a micro business based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They offer Belfast taxi tours and a local perspective on the troubles. Their tour guides are from both sides of the divide to ensure you get a well-rounded education on the history of Northern Ireland. Big E moved from Wix to Genysys Engine and ranked on the first page of Google for his primary search terms in just 7 days. If you would like to set up a website for your tourism website, please get in touch.

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Ireland At Your Leisure

Ireland At Your Leisure offers bespoke, personal guided tours of Ireland as well as the opportunity to stay in their unique Irish farm style accommodation in Co. Meath. Their services are specialised to each group they cater for, providing customisation and flexibility for all customers. The photographs used within this website showcase the beauty of Ireland and highlight the unique and stylish accommodation options.

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